November 2021 Minutes Regular Board Meeting



November 08, 2021


The regular Town Board Meeting was held at the town hall on Monday, November 8, 2021, and was called to order by Chairman Barry Carlson following the Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting with a short break for cake and coffee to celebrate with Dennis Kelleher on his retirement after 29 years working for the Town of Bennett. Other officers in attendance were Wes Koehler and Tim Haskins, Supervisors, Stephanie Lintula, Treasurer and Tamara Johnson, Clerk.


Notices of the meeting with the agenda were posted on the Town Hall, Recycle Center, and the Town Website on Monday, November 1, 2021.


MINUTES: The minutes of the October 11 Special Board Meeting and Union Negotiations, October 11 Monthly Board Meeting, October 18 Special Board Meeting and Budget Workshop, and the October 23 Special Board Meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to approve as presented.  Motion Carried.


APPROVE BILLS FOR PAYMENT:  Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes, to pay the bills, checks #18443-18484, ACH payroll dated 10/28/21 and November automatic tax withholding payments to Wisconsin Department of Revenue, IRS, & Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Motion Carried.



TREASURER: Treasurer Stephanie Lintula reported that the October 31, 2021, balance of the Checking Account was $4,032.77, Money Market was $108,551.93, ARPA Grant Funds--$31,609.90 and ICS Account had a balance of $1,033.40. The accounts balanced with the bank as of October 31, 2021. Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to accept the report as presented. Motion Carried.


FIRE DEPARMENT: Interim Fire Chief, Dave Dittbrender gave a verbal fire department report. October was a quiet month with only one medical call.


CONSTABLE: Jay Burfield submitted his report which was read by the clerk. It is attached to the original of these minutes.






Sign Union Contract agreed upon October 11, 2021: The board signed the contract.





Discuss Fire Chief Position/Compensation: Although this is a very difficult situation, Wes Koehler moved that due to health issues from his accident, causing Tom Avis to be unable to fulfill his duties as Fire Chief, the board will replace Tom with a different Fire Chief for the time being.  If Tom is willing and able to return as fire chief, the board would be happy to reinstate him as fire chief. Seconded by Tim Haskins. Motion Carried.


The month of December fire chief pay will go to Dave Dittbrender who is currently acting as Interim Fire Chief.  The BVFD will bring a recommendation to the Board at the January 2022 meeting for Fire Chief appointment.


Deferred Compensation Plan—Nationwide Retirement Services:  Newly hired employee, Alec Fowler, requested that the board make this 457(b) Deferred Compensation plan available to employees. He has it at his previous job with the Douglas County Highway Department and would like to continue it. There is no cost to the town.  Payments are made by payroll deduction.


Moved by Tim Haskins, Seconded by Wes Koehler to implement this program.  Motion Carried.


Approve 2022 Town Budget:  Moved by Wes Koehler to adopt the 2022 Summary Town Budget.  Seconded by Tim Haskins.  Motion Carried.


Correspondence: Nothing


Review Permits Issued by Douglas County: No action needed.


Public Comment: 


ADJOURNMENT: Being there was no further business Wes moved to adjourn at 8:37 p.m.  Seconded by Tim. Motion Carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Johnson, Clerk

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