September 2022 Minutes



September 12, 2022

The regular Town Board Meeting was held at the town hall on Monday, September 12, 2022, and was called to order by Chairman Barry Carlson with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30 p.m. Other officers in attendance were Wesley Koehler and Timothy Haskins, Supervisors, and Stephanie Lintula, Treasurer and Tamara Johnson, Clerk.


Notices of the meeting with the agenda were posted at the Town Hall, Recycle Center, and the Town Website on September 6, 2022.


MINUTES: The minutes of the August 8, 2022, board meeting and the August 19, 2022, Special Board Meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Wesley, seconded by Timothy to approve as presented.  Motion Carried.


APPROVE BILLS FOR PAYMENT:  Moved by Wesley, seconded by Timothy, to pay the bills, checks #18859-18906 which include 2 bills presented tonight (D&S Electric & Roadhouse Lucky 7) with checks to be cut after the board meeting, ACH payroll dated 9/1/22 & 9/15/22 and September automatic withholding payments to Wisconsin Department of Revenue, IRS, Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and Nationwide 457B plan payments. Motion Carried.



TREASURER: The treasurer’s report was read by the clerk. The August 31, 2022, balance of the Checking Account was $13,456.71, Money Market was $205,047.14, ARPA Grant Funds--$63,219.80 and ICS Account had a balance of $1,033.50. The accounts balanced with the bank as of August 31, 2022. Moved by Wesley, seconded by Timothy to accept the report as presented. Motion Carried.


FIRE DEPARMENT: Fire Chief, Travis Theien gave the fire department report.  It is attached to the original of these minutes.


HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Bruce Sutherland gave the highway department report.  It is attached to the original of these minutes.


CONSTABLE: Jay Burfield had no activities last month.


CEMETERY:  Glenn Khalar gave the cemetery report, it is attached to the original of these minutes.





Highway Department Roof Repairs

Wesley received an estimate from Troy Nelson, CMC Construction, Inc. After discussing the estimate, Wes moved to accept the proposal to fix the garage roof and the storage building roof and install snow bars at the town hall as presented in the proposal.  Tim seconded.  Motion Carried. Wes will contact Troy Nelson to have them do the work.


Contract to Clear Trees at Cemetery—Terry Priem

The board reviewed the contract presented by Terry Priem, Priem’s Forest Products, to clear trees at the Bennett Cemetery.  Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim to accept the proposal as written.  Motion Carried.


Lawn Mowing of Town Properties

Nothing has been received from Kent Paulson on handling the mowing for the Town of Bennett.


Closing of Line Road and Upgrading Bennett & Klang Roads:

Timothy will work with Bruce Sutherland on what to include in the estimates to be submitted to the Railroad for closing and upgrading roads.  Sue Ahlberg will stake her access spot to her field so that can be included in the estimate.


Closing of the Line Road and Upgrading Bennett and Klang Roads

The board discussed putting 4” gravel on the Line, Bennett and Klang Roads which would be about 2 ½ miles.  They discussed whether they should include black top in the estimate and what would need to be done before blacktop could be installed.  Tim will continue to work with Bruce on getting estimates for this project. This will be discussed again at the October Board meeting.


Town Hall Upkeep & Repairs

The snowbars for the town hall roof were approved in the proposal from CMC Construction under Highway Department Roof repairs.



Tax Collection Contract with Douglas County:  Wes moved to accept the 2022-23 & 2023-24 Tax Collection Contract with Douglas County.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


DNR Road Aids Application:  Bruce contacted Daniel Kephart regarding the DNR Road Aids application.  Daniel Kephart recommended that the town consider Turkey Farm as it is surrounded by state land.  Bruce recommended that the town do the work as the Municipal Cost contribution and put in for gravel.  The Applications are due by late fall and the state will award the aid in 2023.

Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim to go ahead with the application for DNR Road Aids. Motion Carried.


Set Date for Budget Workshop: Budget Workshop will be held Monday, October 17, 2022, at 6 p.m.


Review Permits Issued by Douglas County: No action needed.


Correspondence: Nothing


Public Comment: 


ADJOURNMENT: Being there was no further business, Wes moved to adjourn at 9:05 p.m.  Seconded by Tim. Motion Carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Johnson, Clerk

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