May 2021 Minutes



May 10, 2021

The regular Town Board Meeting was held at the town hall on Monday, May 10, 2021, and was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance by Chairman Barry Carlson at 7:30 p.m. Other officers in attendance were Wes Koehler and Tim Haskins, Supervisors, Stephanie Lintula, Treasurer and Tamara Johnson, Clerk. A list of attendees is attached to the original of these minutes.


Notices of the meeting with the agenda were posted on the Town Hall, Recycle Center, and the Town Website on Monday, May 3, 2021.


MINUTES: The minutes of the April 12 Board Meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim to approve as presented.  Motion Carried.


The minutes of the April 20 Special Town Board Meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim to approve as presented.  Motion Carried.


APPROVE BILLS FOR PAYMENT:  Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim, to pay the bills, checks #18221-18255, ACH payroll dated 4/29/21 & 5/13/21 and May automatic tax withholding payments to Wisconsin Department of Revenue, IRS, & Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Motion Carried.


Moved by Wes to approve payment of the invoice from Johnson Pipe for $878.84 for culverts.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


BID OPENING: Bennett Road Culvert Project Bids and Culvert Bids:  The Town Board opened and reviewed bids for the Bennett Road Culvert Project.


There was only one bid for the culverts:

ASDCO Construction Supply--$7,388.00 for each pipe, 2 required for a total of $14,776.00

Wes moved to accept the bid from ASDCO for the culverts. Seconded by Barry.  Motion Carried. Bruce Sutherland will order the pipe.


Four bids were received for the culvert project:

Solon Springs Concrete           $6,850.00

Lake Effect Construction         $6,850.00

Tyler’s Excavating LLC           $14,300.00

Olson Brothers Contractors    $17,416.00


After discussion, the board decided to have a coin toss to decide between the two lowest bidders as they had no problem with either company completing the project.  It was decided that heads would be Lake Effect and tails would be Solon Concrete.  Tia Hankins tossed the coin and it landed on the table tails up.


Wes moved to accept the bid from Solon Springs Concrete for $6,850.00.  Barry seconded.  Motion Carried.  Tim Haskins abstained due to conflict of interest. Tim will notify Solon Springs Concrete.




TREASURER: Treasurer Stephanie Lintula reported that the April 30, 2021 balance of the Checking Account was $$17,431.20, Money Market was $139,579.22, and ICS Account had a balance of $1,033.34. The accounts balanced with the bank as of April 30, 2021. Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to accept the report as presented. Motion Carried.


FIRE DEPARMENT: Tom reported on fire department activities.


CONSTABLE: The clerk read Jay’s constable report.  It is attached to the original of these minutes.


CEMETERY: Sexton, Glenn Khalar reported on the cemetery.  His report is attached to the original of these minutes.





Wood Culvert—Hagman Road:  Bruce was contacted by Solon Springs Concrete about replacing the wooden culvert off Hagman Road.  Bruce informed them that it was a private road and up to the land owners to replace the culvert.  Fire Department and Ambulance will not cross the culvert until it has been replaced.  The residents were informed of that by the ambulance and fire department.


Town Hall Holding Tank: Tim Haskins reported that the plumber was out and put a camera through to view the holding tank.  There are no broken pipes.  They plan to get the tank pumped and look with the camera again and also dig around the tank to inspect the connections.  The plumber will also fix the alarm.



Class “B” Beer & Class “B” Liquor License Applications: 

CCZ Campgrounds, Inc., dba Wasko’s Campground Plus, Chris Zoltak, Agent.

Wes moved to approve the license for the 41’x60’ part of the Bar but to include the 30’X60’ addition when the State of Wisconsin issues the occupancy permit.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


Cigarette License Applications: Wes moved to approve the cigarette licenses for both CCZ Campgrounds and Sidelines of Bennett, Inc.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


Operator (Bartender) License Applications:  Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to approve renewal of the Operator Licenses for Herbert James, Sandra Fraley, Rhonda Stewart, James Polinsky, Jonathan Lindberg, Trevor Nickell, Haley Zinmer and Patrick Moore.  Motion Carried.


Recycle Shed Repair/Update: The board discussed the need to update the recycle shed.  Tim will get prices for roofing and siding to discuss at the June board meeting.


Town Garage Electrical Issues: Tim called an electrician to come and check out the electrical problem after Bill Wasko was there to see what was wrong with the furnace and discovered an electrical issue.  The power has been cut to the furnace but a new furnace was recommended.

Wes moved to accept the price from Bill Wasko to replace the furnace.  The electrician will need to run electricity to the new furnace. Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


Gravel Budget & Purchase: Wes moved to place an order with Solon Springs Concrete for $18,000 of gravel to be crushed.  Seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.


Recovery Fund Projects: No more information available as to the required uses of these funds.  The clerk will keep the board informed as more information becomes available.


Budget Amendment: Tim moved to approve Budget Amendment #2021-01-R which moves money for the purchase and outfitting of the constable vehicle from the reserve fund.  Seconded by Wes.  Motion Carried.


Correspondence: No action taken


Review Permits Issued by Douglas County: No action needed.


Public Comment:  Paul Walsh asked the board to pursue funds to improve broadband in our area. Paul was directed to contact Mark Stensvold.  The clerk also said she would research information that has been sent regarding upgrading broadband in rural areas.


Tia Hankins asked if anything could be done about getting the burned house rubbish cleaned up on School House Road. Wes said he would check into this.


ADJOURNMENT: Being there was no further business Tim moved to adjourn at 9:25 p.m.  Seconded by Wes. Motion Carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Johnson, Clerk

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