June 2022 Minutes


June 13, 2022


The regular Town Board Meeting was held at the town hall on Monday, June 13, 2022, and was called to order by Supervisor, Wesley Koehler, with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30 p.m. Other officers in attendance were Timothy Haskins, Supervisor, Tamara Johnson, Clerk, and Stephanie Lintula, Treasurer Absent: Barry Carlson, Chairman.


Notices of the meeting with the agenda were posted at the Town Hall, Recycle Center, and the Town Website on June 6, 2022.


MINUTES: The minutes of the May 9, 2022, board meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to approve as presented.  Motion Carried.


The minutes of the May 24, 2022, Special Town Board meeting were read by the clerk.  Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to approve as presented. Motion Carried.


APPROVE BILLS FOR PAYMENT:  Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley, to pay the bills, checks #18738-#18783, ACH payroll dated 5/26/22, 6/9/22 and June automatic withholding payments to Wisconsin Department of Revenue, IRS, Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and Nationwide 457B plan payments. Motion Carried.



TREASURER: Treasurer Stephanie Lintula reported that the May 31, 2022, balance of the Checking Account was $26,103.53, Money Market was $149,062.65, ARPA Grant Funds--$31,609.90 and ICS Account had a balance of $1,033.46. The accounts balanced with the bank as of May 31, 2022. Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to accept the report as presented. Motion Carried.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Travis Theien reported that they had 3 fire calls, 3 medical calls, and 1 call mutual aid call to Solon Springs in May. He reported that the garage doors have been repaired.  They are looking into getting the lights replaced in July and looking at new equipment.


HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Bruce gave the highway department report.  It is attached to the original of these minutes.




CEMETERY:  No contract available from Terry Priem yet. Glenn hit a date plate at the cemetery with the mower.  He gave it to the Solon Springs Funeral Home.





Ryan & Audrianna Granlund—Zone Change Forestry (F-1) to Agriculture (A-1):  The board had no problem with the zone change.  Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to approve the Granlund’s zone change.  Motion Carried.


Highway Department Roof Repairs—Bid Opening: No bids were received.  The town board will need to seek out a roofing contractor. Rick Hartzell mentioned Four Star as a possibility.


Liquor Licenses: Timothy moved to approve the liquor licenses for CCZ Campgrounds, Inc. (Wasko’s Campground Plus), Sidelines of Bennett (Sidelines Bar, Bait & Resort) and Tonkawa Inc. (Minnesuing Acres). Seconded by Wesley.  Motion Carried.


Cigarette Licenses:  Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley, to approve the cigarette licenses for CCZ Campgrounds, Inc. and Sidelines of Bennett, Inc. Motion Carried.


Operator Licenses: Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to approve Operator Licenses for: Mary Viets, Sandra OMeara, Anthony Solin, Mary Wesolowski, Jean Welle, Wendy Hicks, Sondra Zeman, Elizabeth Schorik, Jacob Zoltak, Peter Leone, Steven Beidel, Jr., Richard Severin and Lindsey Wilson. Motion Carried.


Contract to Clear Trees at Cemetery—Terry Priem: Postponed to July Board meeting.


Purchase Weed Whacker: Moved by Timothy, seconded by Wesley to approve the purchase of a gas-powered weed whacker from East End Hardware for $437.94.  Motion Carried.


Lawn Mowing of Town Properties: Glenn Khalar mows the cemeteries but no longer mows the town hall or town garage properties.  The board discussed options for mowing: hiring another person to mow, contracting with a lawn care company to handle all the mowing for the town, etc.  Problems with hiring a third party to mow would involve logistics of getting mower moved around with town truck and scheduling use of mower between cemetery mower and the other mower.  Benefits of a lawn care service is no need to purchase a new mower.


The board discussed having the road crew mow but the employees feel that takes too much time from the summer projects that they need to get done.


Alec Fowler, town employee, volunteered to mow on Fridays, his day off, at a reduced rate.  The clerk questioned whether the town may pay a union employee at a reduced rate.  The board would like Alec to check with the union representative regarding this.


Fenders/Lighting for F550 Truck:  Bruce Sutherland and Alec Fowler presented getting lighting for the box of the F550 and fenders installed when the truck goes in to get the box sander installed. There is $5400 left in the budget from the purchase of the truck.  Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to approve the purchase of fenders and lighting for the F550.  Motion Carried.


Cutting Edges for the Grader: Bruce and Alec would like to try a new cutting edge for the grader with a serrated edge and honeycomb design.  They would use some of the culvert budget for the cost that is over the budget for cutting edges.  Moved by Tim, seconded by Wes to purchase the new cutting edges.  Motion Carried.


Deputy Town Clerk: Clerk Tamara Johnson asked the board to approve the appointment of Morgan Fowler as Deputy Town Clerk.  Wes moved to approve that Morgan Fowler be appointed Deputy Clerk, seconded by Tim.  Motion Carried.

Resolution to Install Stop Signs at Railroad Crossing on Bennett Road: Postponed until July Board meeting.


Add Town Name to Future Signs: Moved by Wes, seconded by Tim, to add the name of the Town to future address/fire number signs.  Motion Carried.


Town Hall Upkeep & Repairs:

Items to be considered: snow bars, roof leak, kitchen stove pilot light, painting town hall, water heater leak in valve, extend width of sidewalk on east side of town hall to the building.


No action taken.


Review Permits Issued by Douglas County: No action needed.


Correspondence: Nothing


Public Comment: 

Glenn Khalar mentioned that the clerk’s office needs a chair pad under the desk to cover the broken floor tiles.

He commented that Cheryl said there haven’t been any mice since the remodel of the shed and he said that the shed stays warmer.

He also asked about a town recycle day.  The board said they would consider a recycle day for the 2023 Budget.


Rick Hartzell asked about the scrap pile at the town garage.  Bruce responded that it will cost the town to dispose of the items and that wasn’t budgeted this year.

Who do you call when a tree is down on the road? Answer: Town Chair or 911

He has someone who is interested in purchasing the F350 and wondered if the plow would be included in the sale?  Answer: Yes, plow will be included when it is put up for sale after the F550 returns from getting sanding box, lights and fenders installed.

He also asked how old the water heater is that needs repair.  Answer: Water heater is only a couple years old and it is just a fitting that needs to be repaired.


Bruce Sutherland commented that the new garage door opener was installed incorrectly and the track bows when the door is opening.  He has a call in to Brule River Garage to see if they will come back and fix it.  He would also like to install an antenna for the opener.


Travis Theien asked if the boundaries of the right-of-way for the Line Road Closing has already been determined or if they could be changed? Wes thought they could be adjusted.



ADJOURNMENT: Being there was no further business Tim moved to adjourn at 8:45 p.m.  Seconded by Wes. Motion Carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Johnson, Clerk

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